Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tip - How To Tune Your Kick And Bass


Hey everyone! So many things have been happening recently, my head is spinning. I am putting out my first solo EP among a few other things such as school starting back up. But I sill am here to drop a new tip on you guys.

I know this has happened to you before, you're making a beat and you have the kick and bass together and it just doesn't work. There's either distortion or it just sounds weird or off and messes up the whole song. To get around this you can do a few things. You can play the bass so it doesn't hit the same time as the kick does. You can put a slower attack on the bass and a faster release on the kick so they barely touch each other. Or you can tune them together and make it sound more natural.

Here's how you do it

Pick up a kick that you like. EQ it, compress it, distort it or whatever else you want to do to it til you like how it sounds.

Next find a guitar or bass tuner plug in. Guitar Rig has one built in, but I downloaded one called C-Tuner that is a very basic and straight forward plug in.

Now run the kick through the tuner and take note of what key the kick is in. If it is a sharp or flat, or just a solid note, make sure you remember what it is. If it is a little bit off and you want to mess with it a little, you can pitch shift it slightly until it is in the key you want it.

Next match the root note of the bass you are using to the same key as the kick is in. This should help cut down on the distortion as well as make the kick and bass sound more natural together.

Little simple things like that really make a difference on tracks. So try this little trick out next time you are throwing a beat together and see how it works.

Check back soon for more stuff, as well as my album release!


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Anonymous said...

Hey, is it possible for you to do a "How to" video on this subject?