Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 Great FREE VST Plug-In Bundles

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There are tons of VST's all over the place. You can get them all the way from free to thousands of dollars for a program that helps you shape waveforms. In fact, a PC, Fruity Loops and a hand full of VST's can make a whole studio out of a bed room and no one would know any different.

In my search for Vst's over the years, I have found a lot of shit and a lot of really good stuff. I have filtered through the shit and shoveled out a couple really good packs of VST files from different companies that are really worth getting. You can never get enough VST's, don't forget to pack these on top of the rest!

1: TWEAKBENCH "Nintendo" style bundle pack

This pack is great. It has VST's that replicate everything you would need to make a NES soundtrack. I mean it, EVERYTHING. The plug-ins are free, they offer the complete bundle in a sing zip for a small fee. Get these either way.

2: The Fillet bundle from

This mini bundle has a few really cool dynamic plug-ins. I use the compressor quite often. The "Spitfish" is a really good de-esser, I use that one a lot too. You can navigate back and check out the other plug-ins they have also, it's worth a peek.

3: The VST pack from

I just found this pack. They are all user friendly and sound real clean. Get these and try them out on a track to switch it up a little bit. Some good limiter and compressors in this bundle.

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