Wednesday, April 8, 2009

3 Cheap Sources To Buy Foam For Soundproofing

Hey everyone! A big part of creating a good space to mix down tracks is making sure your control room is as dead as possible. By dead I mean there is as little reverb coming off surfaces in the room as possible. It is also good to soundproof any vocal booth as well.

There are a few companies, such as Auralex, that charge an arm and a leg for soundproofing foam. The reality is almost all foam is the same when it comes to dampening reverb, so why not get something that is cheaper? Here are 3 sites I found that will get you one step closer to making a dead control room or vocal booth a reality. - My friend ordered from this company and he got more than he paid for. They are a very good site and carry all kinds of foam.
- These guys carry both sound absorbing and sound blocking materials. Another good site.
- This site is a lot like Good deal on foam, they also carry an adhesive spray that comes in handy when trying to hang them foam.

Some of the packages are less than 50 bucks for way more foam that you would get from Auralex, so shop around and find what works for you!

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