Saturday, April 11, 2009

3 Dubstep Links For Beginners

Hey everyone! I just recently got into Dubstep. I'm not even really sure how it's made yet. Here's a few links I found real helpful when starting to make Dubstep for the first time. You should bookmark these links for future reference.

1 -

This is basically a rundown of how a Dubstep track is laid out. What programs you need, how to make every synth, the history behind stuff. It's a good site to give a look at a few times.

2 -\

This page gives you a step by step tutorial with pictures about how to make the signature wobble bass in Albino 3. This bass is in almost all Dubstep tracks. Get Albino 3 or Massive, both great VST's for bass.

3 -

This is a post in a forum titled "The Dubstep Production Bible". This is a great post to check out. It's broken down into chapters and links to everything. Check it out and bookmark it because you will need to check it out again.

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