Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Instrumentals and Acapellas FREE

Instrumentals and Acapellas

Hey everyone! I know how hard it can be to get a instrumental or acapella when you really need one. You might want to remix a track, put a mix tape together or just have beats to freestyle to or use to model one you are creating to make it have a special vibe to it.

I found 2 good links for acapellas and instrumentals, check em out!

BlackLabeled.com - This is a forum I found where people post both acapellas and instrumentals up. You can request or just search for one you need. You can also post ones you found to help other people out, this is a good way to get connection from people.

GetSoneShine.com - For being as bare as this site is, it has a ton of beats. He has tons of newer instrumetnals and also has sample packs and beats he has made for you to check out. This is a really good site to find beats!

Thats it for today! It had been awhile so I decided to post something real quick!

Keep checkin back!


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Anonymous said...

You may want to try http://www.musicmixdjs.co.uk/mixforum/index.php for 100% free acapellas and instrumetals and much more........