Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Free Drum Machines For Your Computer

Here is a list of some drum machines you can use on your computer to create your own drum loops. If you like what i post, please click a few adds on the side, it really ads up in the long run and helps me out.

1- Hydrogen


A great drum machine that although originally developed for Linux, is still very strong on the Windows platform. It has support for WAV, AIFF, and AU sound files with export to midi or WAV functionality. It is pretty easy to use and also offers advanced features including unique human velocity, human time, pitch and swing functionality.

2- Leaf Drums

Leaf Drums

Leaf Drums uses standard WAV files for drum samples, so you can easily add your own or download more from the internet. this makes the uses of Leaf Drums limitless for creating drum loops, as you can add different drum kit sounds for the different styles of loop you are creating. It also supports loops that are re-sampled to fill the entire bar, whatever the tempo. It provides control over the length, attack, and decay of drum sounds. The effects given let you edit the delay, distortion, phaser, etc... Also, the loops can be exported as .WAV files for easy use in other application, which puts Leaf Drums up there with the likes of Fruity Loops

3- Drum Box


DrumBox is a great drum machine which uses .WAV files as the drum hits rather than having it's own presets. DrumBox is a 32 event, 8 channel drum machine in which you can edit the volume pan and shuffle of each channel. The graphical interface is basic, but the core of the drum machine is extremely well written.

4- Hammerhead


HammerHead Rhythm Station 1.0 is a drum machine based on the TR-909, which uses its own banks for samples, and if you want a different bank of drum sounds to use there is a program called 'MakeBank' supplied from which you create your own banks of drum sounds. HammerHead is a 16 event, 8 channel drum machine in which you can change the speed in bpm and the feel by adding shuffle.

5- Tuareg


Tuareg a sequencer/loop-composer/remixer that creates tracks out of the loops, samples and short sounds you feed it. It is simple to use, and has a very user friendly interface, the version offered here, but the is a 'FAT' version available for $35 from the Homepage with added features. It includes a drum machine and a bass line sequencer, and supports 6 channels of mono, with the ability to render to WAV, for use in other applications.

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