Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Dubstep Release! Each Track ONLY $.88

Cheap Trix

Hey everyone! I am here to announce my second Dubstep album release. It's called "Cheap Trix" and features mammoth bass monsters such as "Kill The Living", the exclusive crunked out masterpiece "Lean Wit It (Dirty Dozen) and 4 other soon to be classic Dubstep tracks that will kill babies and rape grandmothers!*

The whole album is $4.50 or you can buy single tracks for $.88 each! How can you pass that up? It's cheaper than a McDonalds double cheeseburger and it won't give you the shits.** Put this on your iPod and make your ears bleed!

This is an EXCLUSIVE release just for Myspace on Band Box, so you can't find this anywhere else! Get your copy today.

Check out the 30 second clips to fully understand the ball bruising, clit crushing, ass kicking bass packed in thse audio A-Bombs!


*Songs will not kill babies or rape grandmothers.

**Songs may in fact cause the shits in some cases.