Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100 Dubstep Drum Loops With Donation!

Hey guys! I put together a pack of 100 exclusive Dubstep drum loops. Anyone who from now until October that donates $10 or more to help me get Scratch Live will get a link to these downloads. They are all in wav format and all are 140 BPM. Just load it up and you are steppin'!

Drop me a email at cheebsbeats@gmail.com to remind me if you donated and I don't respond right away!

Help me help you while you help me!


1 comment:

Stony said...

ayo cheebs got another production ? last one i asked you how to filter/eq the original bass of a song. and i figured that out sort of. but i got a question on how to suffeciently filter or cut oujt like kicks ans snares. i know you cant completley filter them out but i have been trying to chop up like vocal parts of songs and usually you know when you get a nice lil loop of some vocals(from an mp3)you get the drum sounds heaviley so i was wondering how i work around that. i dont know if you know charles hamilton but im tryin to do somethin on the lines of his production (very sample heavy) but he has an ability to use lyrics in a very unique way and i was wonderin how i can cut some vocals off a track that is not an acapella and clean them up so i dont haver so much comotion. i have been messin with eqin and filterin and i could use a lil insight thanks ps sorry for the long post